Mystery citation styles

In the course of working with Ref2RIS, I've created a couple of conversion files for citation styles whose names I don't know - I've tried searching Zotero's style gallery to no avail.

Possibly the bibliography creators invented/greatly tweaked the style; but possibly they'll be of use to others anyway. Or possibly someone will be able to identify the style for me - in this case please please email me.


(author-date - conversion file also works if underlines are replaced by italics or omitted)

Adams, A.B., Bell, C.D., Cheng, E.F. (2011): "Journal Article Title". Journal Title 23(4): 56-78

Davies, G.H. (2001): "Chapter Title". Ch.9, pp. 1-23 in Book Title. Eds. I.J. Ellesmere, K.L. Fahey. Igor Publishing. Christchurch: 321pp


(numbered; books were inconsistent in my original, so conversion file will also work for Chapter Title. Book Title)

1. Davies, G.H. "Chapter Title". In Book Title, eds. I.J. Ellesmere, K.L. Fahey. 2001, Igor Publishing: Christchurch.

2. Adams, A.B., C.D. Bell, and E.F. Cheng, Journal Article Title. J Abbrev, 2011. 23(4): p. 56-78