Innovations in Information Delivery

I gave a talk to U3A Mountfort on the 1st October 2008. The slides and links from the presentation are below.

Questions and answers

I mentioned the Wii game system as a recently popular way of integrating computer games with physical activity. Apparently Playstation has similar kinds of games.

Google search tips: if you know the exact phrase you're searching for (e.g. a line of song lyrics), put it in "inverted commas". If you want to search for the fruit variety of apples, not the computer, then use the minus sign, e.g. apples -computer

We talked about the web's ability both to disseminate misinformation and to correct it -- a good site to check for the truth about urban legends and conspiracy theories is Snopes.

Emulating Windows on a Mac: either Parallels Desktop for Mac or VMware Fusion 2.0 can do this; they're both about US$80.


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